What Vitamin Is Good For Achy Joints?

What vitamin is good for achy joints?

Achy joints are a real problem for competitive athletes. This is especially true of athletes in sports that give the joints a real pounding; long-distance running, cycling, mountain biking, weight lifting, etc. The body simply isn’t designed to take that kind of pounding on an almost daily basis (which is how often competitive athletes need to train to stay on top).

As such, anyone training to try to reach the top 1% of their sport is going to eventually experience joint pain. They might have aching joints from weekly benching sessions (which causes shoulder and elbow pain over time if using very heavy weights), or it might be chronic achy legs caused by long-distance cycling done on a daily basis.

Luckily though, achy joints is not something that you need to just put up with. There are lots of ways you can actively seek to reduce pain from aching joints. There are practices you can do, like hot and cold treatment, or there are supplements you can take.

There are even simple vitamins supplements you can use to reduce achy joints.

What is a good vitamin for reducing joint pain?

Let’s answer this question in detail. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments and I’ll get right back to you.

Best vitamin for achy joints

So what is the best vitamin to take for achy joints?

Unfortunately, there is no vitamin which is known to acutely reduce joint pain. This is because no vitamins have painkilling or anti-inflammatory properties (at least none significant enough to reduce joint pain acutely).

However, there are vitamins you can take daily to reduce the occurrence of aching joints over the long-term. I believe this to be the best approach for enhancing joint health generally; optimizing joint strength and health rather than trying to fix problems after they’ve manifested themselves.

The best vitamin for promoting long-term joint health (and thereby reducing aches and pains in the joints) is Vitamin D.

Vitamin D helps with the absorption of calcium in the gut. If you are deficient in Vitamin D, then you will simply not be able to properly absorb the calcium in your food. It will just pass through your digestive system un-absorbed. Long-term, this will leave your bones substantially weaker and prone to injury. That goes for your bones too.

Unfortunately today, a significant number of people are chronically deficient in Vitamin D. As we spend the majority of our time indoors, we tend to get nowhere near enough sun exposure to trigger the release of optimal amounts of Vitamin D.

Likewise, our diets are increasingly devoid of natural food sources of Vitamin D; egg yolks, oily fish, liver, etc.

So to safeguard your joints from chronic calcium deprivation, a vitamin D supplement might be wise!

Bottom line

The best vitamin for achy joints is Vitamin D. It promotes calcium absorption which supports the formation of bones and connective tissues. This keeps your joints healthy for longer.

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