Welcome to JohanTheorin.co.uk. This is my personal blog. While some of you will know me best for my work writing for other websites, this is where I will be publishing all of the opinions, insights and research that I don’t publish elsewhere (either for journalistic reasons or because it lacks hard enough scientific merit for publication elsewhere).

I have been experimenting with natural, nutritional supplements for many years now. I have invested a great deal of time and money into learning about how the body really works. In the process, I’ve learned that most of the information out there on biohacking and supplementation is complete rubbish!

So, I started this blog.

On it you’ll find my experiences using various natural performance enhancing substances.

I use MCT oils, probiotics, joint health stacks, multivitamins, and more.

I will spend a lot more time dealing with certain supplement categories. That is only natural, as I have a lot more expertise dealing with things like flexibility supplements than with MCT oil. But I will bring my

You will also find discussions of the latest research on my blog.

I have recently been publishing on Open Health Tools, which I edit. Please see that site for more information on natural supplements until I start publishing content on here.