Johan Theorin is the current editor of Open Health Tools. He either writes or extensively edits all of the content you see on this site. The supplement reviews you see on Open Health Tools are definitely collaborative efforts; when you take into account all the work done by researchers which underpins our reviews, then there are probably dozens of people we need to thank for each review! However, it is Johan who brings all that research together and combines it with years of personal experience.

It’s worth examining Johan’s background.

Johan Theorin

Always fascinated by biology, Johan studied biomedical science at university. Although he assumed he would want to pursue a career in pathology (because he was at first interested in diseases), he found that the pharmacology and sports-science aspects of biomedical science interested him the most.

Johan is a keen cyclist; he mountain bikes as often as he can, and he routinely wakes up at 5am to get his miles in before he arrives at the office. He was intrigued by the idea of improving his performance in cycling with pharmaceuticals, particularly those of natural origin. This slight interest was the beginning of a lifelong obsession with natural performance enhancement.

When he isn’t cycling or working on Open Health Tools, Johan reads everything he can about bio-hacking; he devours both research papers and popular science books, covering every topic, from the biology of systemic diseases to sports psychology and everything in between.

You can contact Johan at